martedì 7 gennaio 2014

My Minestrone (Toscano)

1 kg of baby patatoes
1/2 kg of baby carrots
Bunch if kale, 2 tomatoes, 3/4 withe onions, cannellini beans (if you are lazy from the can is ok) pice if celery, 
Salt, pepper, peperoncino, shallots (a few) 
Clean and chop everything, since are baby patatoes I don't peal them (I m lazy) 
Put everything in a pot with a small cup of extravirgin olive oil...cover, after a minut add water to cover the veggy. 
I normally boil everything for at list 2 hour on low flame. 
Is even nicer if you prepared the day before serving, or for the day after you add old Tuscan bread, fresh shallots and you soute as "Ribollita" style.
Buon appetito

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